Audio Intuitive Coaching Sessions


Pour yourself something nice, sit in a quiet space and take three grounding breaths.

Now listen to what your Spirit Team wants you to know. 

Audio Tarot Readings are a perfect way to receive the clarity and insights from your Spirit Guides, Ancestors and Angelic Beings in a relaxed setting.

These sessions are recorded within 3 days of your purchase.

You will receive an MP3 file via email to download and listen to any time you like!

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Please note that any information I share with you is subject to my interpretation, it is my personal opinion. I take no liability for the choices and decisions you make with your life. I make no promises or guarantees because it is possible for timing and events to play out differently than predicted. Also, I am not a licensed medical doctor, counselor, attorney or law enforcement official. Remember you can always change the future, it is never set in stone.