Learn Empowering Tarot

Have a Tarot Deck and want to learn how to give readings for yourself and others in a way that gives clear guidance and empowerment? Do you want to expand your understanding of the Tarot while developing your intuition?

This unique course teaches the fundamentals of Empowering Tarot Reading with insightful and informative PDFs and a 2-hour Video Workshop. 

Porscha will guide you through the meanings and symbols of all 78 cards. You will be crafting your own story for each Suit of the Minor Arcana and interpreting readings using symbols, numerology and the elements.

This is truly an easy, imaginative, intuitive way to develop your Tarot reading skills!

Start your journey through Empowering Tarot Reading today!

Intro to Empowering Tarot Online Course Includes

Four Beautiful PDF Downloads detailing

  • The Four Suits of the Minor Arcana

  • The Four Characters of the Court Cards

  • Numerology in Tarot

  • Journaling with Tarot

2-Hour Video Workshop complete with

  • A Brief History of Tarot

  • Detailed interpretations of each card

  • Suit Story-telling

  • Sample Tarot Readings

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Course Fee is $25 (AUD).

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