You are Highly Intuitive

I know, sometimes we look at other people with psychic "gifts" and think, "Wow, that's amazing, I wish I could experience a spiritual connection like that!"

I have given hundreds of tarot readings and am 100% certain that every single person is intuitive.

The Divine speaks to and through all of us in a myriad of ways: numbers, images, feathers, hunches, and sometimes even an ad can spark something!

The problem is we have learned to shut down this part of ourselves. 


Your Spirit Team is made up of Angels, Ancestors, Spirit Guides and Deities that are helping you navigate this world right now.


How much more could they help if you were able to hear and recognise their messages?

How would it help you to have more clarity?

Where in your life would it be amazing to have confirmation? 


I know what it's like to feel aimless and need guidance beyond what a friend can give. I have had the inner yearning to connect with something bigger than myself without feeling like I was just part of the masses or following some dude on a stage.

People like us crave connection. We crave something personal. And we don't settle for ordinary.


Awaken Your Intuition is about YOU.


This is a personalised, 4-week program that brings you weekly guided meditations, yoga classes, Tarot & Oracle Card readings and one-on-one video calls all in the purpose of developing your intuition and removing energetic blocks keeping you from living in your light.


But what's amazing is how personal this program is.



Every Single Week You Will Receive:

  • A guided audio meditation to grow your ability to visualise and develop your clairvoyant skills.

(Value = $35 x 4)

  • A Tarot & Oracle Card video reading delivering channelled information from your Spirit Team.

(Value = $40 x 4)

  • A personalised yoga class to energetically shift blocks and align your subtle body (Chakra system).

(Value = $50 x 4)

  • A One-On-One video call where we talk about anything and everything! We can discuss the Divine, regular daily life, your explorations, synchronicities, your dreams and whatever else!

(Value = Priceless) 


Total Cost: AU$300

But why four weeks?

Because four is the number of completion. It's a number of strong foundations, deepening connections and expansion.

In Tarot, the Emperor is #4 in the Major Arcana. He represents the powerful desire within all of us to seek more, to expand our understanding and strengthen our impact on this world.

Four weeks is a perfect amount of time to develop an incredible connection to your Spirit Team. And if you start today, you can say that a month from now, you will be transformed. 

Each week, I meditate with your Spirit Team and apply the insights they offer to deliver a unique and personal plan just for you. 

Reviews for my Tarot Readings:


That was AMAZING. I felt so connected to this reading and felt comforted in your words.

I also did the white light meditation and I felt so connected and can really resonate with this being a part of my healing journey.


Oh woooowww! Thanks so much lovely lady! I was so excited to get home (and put the kids to bed etc) and sit down and listen to this. :) It was such a lovely experience, I felt so relaxed and at ease. All of your guidance made so much sense to me and really resonated on many levels. You gave me so much more detail than I expected. 

What a gift you have! it all!

Thanks darling 


The curious, wild, creative and imaginative part that is in constant communion with the Divine becomes blocked off.

Sample My Meditations